live in C O L O R


As much as I love a neutral palette, is also love…. COLOR! Can’t you tell? 😉


More watercolor practice

If I’m being totally honest, I am not a fan of how all my watercolor sketches turn out. To my surprise I find the medium to be extremely difficult to use. This illustration took hours and went back over areas so many times. It just hasn’t seemed to “click” for me yet. Does anyone have any tips or tricks or similar experience to share? I would be very appreciative! I’m going to keep practicing anyways and hope that it doesn’t take too much longer to feel comfortable with watercolors because I just love they way look!

xx Nicole

Cow Skull


So, the story behind this piece is that I needed something to hang above my bed. I have been looking for a couple years now and just hadn’t come across anything that would really work. This whole time, I knew I could do something myself but you know how that goes. Well, the other night I finally decided to do it. I went on a hunt for a single sheet of quite large watercolor paper – which I found JUST before giving up the search – and got to work that night. And voila! Let me know what you think.



I never know what to title my posts

My all time favorite fashion blogger has to be Shea Marie from PeaceLoveShea. When I saw this post of her is knew I had to get to sketching. Not only is her style ALWAYS on point, but girl sure knows how to pose. Who’s your favorite fashion blogger?

Roger Vivier


In love with this Roger Vivier embellished bootie. Anyone else?


Also, I want to add a splash of color to the background of this sketch. Does anyone have any suggestions on what medium to use that would show up on this since it is black? I would love to try out new mediums. Thanks in advance 🙂